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Helping BJ's tap into Holiday traffic.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is a 200+ restaurant national chain serving up eats and craft beer in abundance. Over the years, I've penned a couple of big holiday video greeting cards to invite holiday guests to tap into the cheer. In 2023, BJ's huge selection of suds served up in distinctive glassware became the perfect brand asset to leverage to attract holiday dinners. Several years backs, the greeting we created focused on the taps themselves—an original vid that captured 1M views and started this marketing tradition at BJ's.


2023 Holidays—a fun version of "Deck the Halls."

The original "Taps" holiday video that started a marketing tradition at BJ's.


One shoot, content galore. BJ's repurposed footage from the video to drive engagement through its social channels. The campaign has literally just wrapped up—metrics to come!

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