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You could do worse things in life than pitch Sourdough bread.


Boudin SF is the Bay Area's home-grown bakery and restaurant chain. At Rule of 3, we helped add something else to spice up the recipe: A brand personality. Along with my partner, Hilary Wolfe, we took modest budgets and pushed the creativity. Beginning with the holiday campaign at right, we made the bread the hero and engaged an in-store, in-mall and social audience with all the great things to get excited about for the holidays, including the delicious special breads and menu offerings Boudin was serving up.


Summer Catch


We jumpstarted their social engagement the following summer with a fun stop motion animation video leveraging Boudin's popular animal-shaped breads and designed to appeal to the summer lunch crowd that oftentimes meant bringing the kids to the mall. Geofencing ensured the video would be seen by those within shouting distance of specific Boudin cafes with a coupon offer to drive conversion.


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