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Video Content Series:
BJ's Pint Class—a master class in the art, science and love of craft beer.


 BJ's Brewhouse is unique for its leadership in the craft beer movement that began a couple of decades ago—it is one of the primary differentiators for the brand. Here, we set out to make them the beer experts they really are and keep throngs of beer lovers learning new ways to get thirsty. Our Solution? Pint Class, a master class in the art, science3 and love of craft beer. The long format series educates as it entertains, with each episode teeing up the need for knowledge by interviewing BJ's customers. 




Brewing up a Tropical Hopstorm

Our first episode introduced a spokeshost speaking testing BJ's bar patrons on their craft beer knowledge—then taking them to the best possible place to expand it: BJ's Pint Class. The instructors are BJ's own brewmasters, hosting a fun but educational beer documentary.


Game Day Draft Picks

Beer and football go together like, well, beer and football, as our next episode demonstrates. BJ's brewmasters share the perfect suds for every part of football watching for the season.


Crafting a New Holiday Traditions

Holiday time means BJ's limited edition Grand Cru craft beer is brewed—here we shared what makes it special and why you simply have to go to BJ's to try it.

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