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Genesis: Need doesn't hold a candle to Want.

For a luxury car brand as expressive yet undiscovered as Genesis, standing out requires a modern aesthetic and spot-on emotional truth. I was fortunate enough to help capture that of the sexy GV-70 SUV while plugging in with the creative team down at Innocean in Huntington Beach, cA.  The launch film for the effort is featured here. Click the image below to view.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 2.32.10 PM.png
Reinvigorating the classic blue oval.

Working on an American car brand is never a layup. There are so many preconceptions, so much legacy involved both good and not-so-much. I always enjoy the challenge and have contributed at Team Detroit over the years as well as for other car accounts, from Hyundai to Acura. The campaign below for Ford presented a lively effort to brand the Escape name and infuse it with a sense of adventure.

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