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A club dedicated to reinventing banking.


Lending Club invented peer-to-peer lending and is the world's largest online marketplace for investors to get better returns and individuals to get a personal loan. At its apex, my partner and I were tasked with creating the IPO launch campaign for this financial upstart. The resulting idea and tagline, Welcome to the Club, helped Lending Club raise over $800 million and turned the New York Stock Exchange into the financial world's most prominent media opportunity.


The IPO campaign was highlighted by a huge display of LCD monitors hung in the shape of the Lending Club logo.

Traders and passersby on Wall Street were projected into the array in real-time as the business day progressed, welcoming the financial world to the club. Within the NYSE, Lending Club messaging and the distinctive brand identity we created immersed the financial world in Lending Club's message.

Lending Club's event was the largest IPO of the year.

The "Welcome to the club" idea carried forward for several years to multiple outlets,

including the DRTV spot below, event marketing and social media.

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