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A line of Apple Fanboys:
How the smartphone leader got Samsunged.


A lot of talented people at 72&Sunny in Los Angeles were involved in the launch of the Next Big Thing Is Here campaign for Samsung, including me. To establish an Android challenger to Apple for smartphone supremacy, the "Apple Store Line" spots were invented, with each new entry wryly positioning the Samsung Galaxy as the new envy of the geek world.  I was lucky to be a part of the buzzworthy work and contribute the films featured here.

Galaxy Note Launch. Big is beautiful.


Smartphones had blown up in sales at this point, but not in size. As Samsung launched a bigger phone with a stylus, we created a launch campaign that demonstrated the power of a note to express yourself. Documentary films captured the value of a bigger screen to demonstrate the potential. Today,  big screens are ubiquitous—another way Samsung disrupted Apple's dominance with 72 & Sunny's help.



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